What year is my Omega Speedmaster? I get this question on just about every Omega Speedmaster that I have sold or have for sale on TamboWatches. Knowing the year of production of your Speedmaster is definitely something good to know. There is no real way to know 100% when your Speedmaster was produced unless you get an Extract of Archives directly from Omega. You may have the filled out warranty card for your Speedmaster, but that only tells you when it was sold, not when it was produced. Also, just a side note, a lot of Speedmaster owners look at their warranty card and mistake the 2011 on the card as the production date. 2011 is the country code for the United States.

So, How can you determine what year your Speedmaster was produced?

So, How can you determine what year your Speedmaster watch was produced? Below, I am going to provide some different charts that are available on the web to help finding out what year your Speedmaster was produced. Bear in mind, these charts will give you just a close guesstimate of production year. Most of these charts have been around for years and are incomplete. Even with non public access to Omega’s website, I am not able to get production years of a particular watch or movement without paying for an Extract of Archives. Based on the different charts below, It seems that starting around 1961 Omega was producing around 1 million watches a year. You can use that number of sales to get a rough estimate where the charts below stop. Again, it can be frustrating not to know for sure. Until myself or someone else comes up with a complete chart, the information provided here is a good starting point.

Where is my serial number?

There are several places where the serial number is located on Omega Speedmasters. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watch serial numbers are located on the movement or on the back of 7 O’clock lug. The watches with the serial number on 7 O’clock lug have a matching serial number on the movement. Other speedmasters will have the serial number on the caseback below the Hippocampus-Seahorse. Some of the late 80’s and very early 90’s models will have the serial number stamped on the inside of the caseback. The newer, 2006 and up, non professional speedmasters have a serial number located on back of 7 O’clock lug with a matching serial number on the movement.

Omega Speedmaster Serial numbers and Year of Production

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch Serial Numbers and Year of Production

Final Thoughts

As stated above, these charts have been on the web for years, are incomplete and only give you a good guesstimate of production year. If you absolutely have to know 100% when your Speedmaster was produced, get an Extract of Archives from Omega. It is a great value at about $150.00 if you can get one. Currently, Omega does not seem to be providing this service in the U.S. I personally think it is good to know, but really not that important unless you are talking about a Vintage Speedmaster worth a considerable amount and a record of it’s provenance is necessitated.