Do you have an Omega Speedmaster Professional and are curious about changing the dial and/or hands?

Well, you have come to the right place. I am passionate and addicted to the Speedmaster Professional and its different variations. I know there are a lot of you out there that feel the same way and would love to have the opportunity to own a Speedmaster professional with one of the more desirable dials. Maybe a Speedy Pro Mitsukoshi or one with the Moon Racing Dial or the Moon to Mars. However, these original variations are often very hard to find and out of reach price wise. So why not simply change the dial and hands on that Speedy Pro you have to get the look you desire? If you happen to be one of those Speedmaster Snobs who holds the opinion that mods or as I call them builds are an abomination, no need to read any further.

Different Dial options for Omega Speedmaster Professional

So, what are the different dials you can use for your Speedy Pro? Just a note before I get started. I am focusing this post on the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch 3570.50. Most of the dials discussed or pictured later in this post will fit on just about any of the Omega speedamaster professional moon cases with the 861, 1861 and 1863 movements.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Albino Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional 1863 Albino w/ Silver Snoopy Hands

There are probably a dozen or so different dials that you can put on your Speedmaster Professional. Most of these dials and hands are available, but not to the public. You may be able to source a dial and/or hands from ebay or the web. There are a few sellers on ebay that have been around for years and are selling the genuine article. If you do decide to buy the hands off of the web be careful. The subdial or register hands may look the same but are specific to each subdial. Below I am going to show some images of the different dials with different hand combinations. Keep in mind that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to dial and hand combination.

What about Hands?

There are quite a few hands sets that can be paired with the different dials. You are not limited by the hand set that originally went with the particular dial you are interested in. Hand combinations have a vast number of different combinations. It is rather fun coming up with funky hand combinations that have never been done that will truly make your watch unique.

Don’t forget the Bezel and Caseback

You can also swap out your bezel. Here you will find that there are just a handful of options. Some of these options are: Pulsometer, Decimal, Telemeter Km, Telemeter Miles, Steel and Blue.

Regarding the caseback there are a few options available. Click here If interested in changing your case back.

Pictured below are some of the more popular dials: Mitsukoshi, Moon Racing, Grey Raised Marker, Albino, Gemini, Chocolate, Tintin.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Racing 3570.40 Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.40 1861 Racing Build

Omega Speedmaster Professional Gemini Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional 3565.80 1861 Gemini Build

Omega Speedmaster Professional Mitsukohshi



Omega Speedmaster Professional Mitsukohshi 3570.31 861 Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon to Mars 3577.50 861 Build

Omega Speedmaster Professional Chocolate 1861 Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional Chocolate 1861 Build

Omega Speedmaster Professional Grey Raised Marker 1863 Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional Grey Raised Marker 1863 Build

Omega Speedmaster Professional Tintin 1861 Build



Omega Speedmaster Professional Tintin 1861 Build

Options, Options, Options

As you can see above there are numerous options available. These are only a brief look as some of the builds I have done. Keep in mind, as stated above, you are only limited by your imagination. Of course, some dials you may be interested in exploring are not available and depending on which one you choose, demand dictates price.

Why change the dial on your Speedy Pro?

Why not, it’s your watch. Different Dial options for Omega Speedmaster Professional gives you the opportunity to explore different dial, hand, bezel and caseback combinations never done before. You are also able to keep your original dial, hands, bezel, caseback and may want to swap out any or all of the above numerous times. So basically, you can have one Speedy Pro and do a swap whenever you want a different look or simply go back to the original. Click here if you have any questions or would like to discuss different options.