Omega Bands-Bracelets
Different types of Speedmaster Bands/Bracelets

Will this bracelet/band fit on my speedmaster?

It is often very frustrating when you have an Omega speedmaster and want to change the bracelet or add a strap. “Will this particular bracelet or strap work on my speedmaster?” I get this question at least half a dozen times a week and invariably the person asking me the question is about to buy the wrong bracelet and/or strap.

Speedmaster Bands/Straps

It is pretty straight forward with straps, just measure lug width of your speedmaster and pick your strap accordingly. With a strap I am assuming it has straight ends or is a nato strap. If the strap has curved or fitted ends, it may not be that simple. You sure don’t want to spend $700.00 on an Omega deployment strap and come to find out, “Oh this isn’t working.” Better to ask someone with experience first before making that purchase.


Now here is where it gets tricky, the bracelets. You can really make an expensive mistake by buying the wrong bracelet. “My Speedmaster has 18mm lugs and this bracelet has 18mm ends, no problem.” Well, it is not that easy. Just because the lug width and end pieces of bracelet are the same does not necessarily mean the bracelet will work on your watch. For instance, a lot of my customers have Speedmaster reduced watches and want to change the look by using a 1562/850 bracelet. This simply will not work. The end pieces do not match up correctly with the speedmaster reduced case. Another popular bracelet question I get is about the Speedmaster Professionals or Moon Watch. Quite a few Moon watch owners want that vintage look and see a vintage bracelet for sale on ebay with 20mm end pieces and assume it will work. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As stated above, in most instances the end pieces will not fit correctly with say a 145.0022 or moon watch case. You may be able to get the bracelet to work, but it will not fit correctly or you will simply destroy your lugs trying to make it work. Best advice is to find someone with the expertise to fit it correctly. This may require filing or other tweaking of the end pieces or spring bars.

Conclusion for Choosing proper Band/Bracelet for your Speedmaster

So, what is the answer if you want a new bracelet or strap for your speedmaster. My advice is do your research. In most cases a strap is not difficult, simply buy a strap that matches the lug width of your speedy. Bracelets are a much more expensive endeavor and it’s better to ask someone with the knowledge to lead you in the right direction. If you have a bracelet you are wanting to buy or just not sure if one will work on your speedmaster, click on the picture above for contact information and I will be happy to help.

Tips for installing Speedmaster Bands/Bracelets

Tips: If you are installing a new bracelet or band on your speedmaster it is important to take the time to do it properly. I always use masking tape(blue) on the underside of lugs when installing a bracelet. It is also a good idea to do the same thing when installing a strap or just spring bars for a nato. The tape will keep you from scratching the lugs and is easy to remove after installation. If you are using a typical spring bar tool, be very careful because most are extremely sharp and will easily scratch the watch case. Another good tip is if you do this often, you may want to invest in a pair of brass tweezers. Brass will not scratch stainless steel.